Registration on the Courtesy Register is available to physiotherapists currently registered in another jurisdiction requiring temporary entry to Alberta for the following purposes.

Visiting instructor

  • Providing physiotherapy instruction or demonstration involving direct patient contact, or
  • Using needles or performing spinal manipulation

Visiting learner

  • Course participant using needles or performing spinal manipulation while at a course

Visiting clinician

  • Providing professional services directly to the public:
    • at a sporting event (physiotherapists traveling with a group (e.g., sports team) and providing services only to that contingent do not need to be registered)
    • during a major public health event (e.g., pandemic)
    • as an exchange program participant

Apply to be registered

To apply to be registered on the Courtesy Register you must submit a completed application form with the required documents. The process is fairly simple and a complete application, in most cases, provides enough information to determine an applicant meets the registration criteria. We will contact you after you apply if additional information is required.

Documents you send directly to Physiotherapy Alberta:

  • The checklist to ensure all required documents are submitted.
  • Application. The form you submit to start the registration process. Read the instructions before completing.
  • Identification. Documents to confirm your identity.

Documents you arrange another party to send directly to Physiotherapy Alberta.

  • Regulatory Reference from the jurisdiction where you are currently registered to confirm your registration status and discipline history.

All Physiotherapy Alberta forms are in PDF format which allows you to:

  1. Download the form.

  2. Fill in the form electronically, except your signature. You must print the form before signing. 

  3. Save the completed form in case you need to make changes (works only if you complete the downloaded version).

Email your completed form(s) to

What to expect after you apply

  • Email within 3 business days to confirm your application is received.
  • Access to online sites where you can monitor your application and registration status.
  • Email from registration staff if a matter requires further review.

To ensure fair and equitable treatment of all applicants, applications are dealt with in the order received. Applications files are typically assessed by staff, however, the Registrar may refer any matter to the Registration Committee to consider.

What to except when your file is complete

  • Decision made on your complete application file within 5* business days.
  • If approved, practice permit issued entitling you to practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta limited to the purpose for which you applied.

Applications may also be deferred, refused, or conditions imposes if it is in the best interest of the public. Decisions or actions taken by Physiotherapy Alberta can be reviewed by the provincial Ombudsman in accordance with the Ombudsman Act.

*To the extent possible a decision on your complete application will be made within 5 business days, however, it may take longer during our peak time (August, September and October).