Cross-border physiotherapy refers to services performed across a provincial border for the purpose of transferring expertise or physiotherapy knowledge, improving individual choice and enabling greater efficiencies. 

You are eligible for registration on the Courtesy Register for the purpose of providing cross-border physiotherapy if you intend to provide:

  • Tele-rehabilitation service for the purpose of continuing to provide care for patients whose physiotherapy began in your primary jurisdiction and would benefit from continued and time-limited service in Alberta.
  • Tele-rehabilitation service for the purpose of providing care where services are not available in Alberta but would benefit patients. 
  • In-person services for the purpose of continuing to provide care for patients whose physiotherapy began in your primary jurisdiction and would benefit from continued and time-limited service in Alberta.
  • In-person services for the purpose of providing care where services are not available in Alberta but would benefit patients.

Prior to incurring costs, contact Physiotherapy Alberta and provide sufficient information about the purpose for which you are applying for registration to ensure you meet the cross-border criteria.

If you want to provide services in Alberta which do not meet the criteria above, you may choose to apply for registration on our General Register.

The criteria all applicants must meet.

Current registration

Currently registered in Canada and the register or license type you currently have is similar to our General Register.

Character + Reputation

Are of good character and reputation. There is no past or present behaviour or conduct that would put the Alberta public at risk. Evidence is collected by self-declarations, Criminal Record Check, regulatory history, and civil judgments.

Liability insurance

Personally hold professional liability insurance in the amount of $5 million to ensure coverage wherever you practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta, regardless of role or employment environment.

You are ready to apply when you have:

Prior to incurring costs, contact Physiotherapy Alberta and provide sufficient information about the purpose for which are are applying for registration to ensure you meet the cross-border criteria.

  • Purchased professional liability insurance in the amount of $5 million on any one patient and for the policy year.
  • Ordered a criminal record check from Sterling Talent Solutions (BackCheck) from every country where you have lived for 90+ days within 10 years of your application or dating back to your 18th birthday.
  • Requested a regulatory history form from the Canadian jurisdiction where you are currently registered as a physiotherapist to confirm your registration status and conduct history.

Documents you send directly to Physiotherapy Alberta

  • Application.
  • Identification. Scanned copy of government-issued photo identification which matches the name on your application. We may request additional identification if your name on any supporting document is different than on your application.
  • Liability insurance.  Certificate of Insurance with current effective date. A future-dated policy will not be accepted.

Email your application and all of the above supporting documents to All documents must be sent as an email attachment; documents embedded in the email are not accepted.

Applications must be accompanied by all supporting documentation which you are required to provide directly. If you do not have all the supporting documentation, then you are not ready to apply for registration. All the information must be received together.

Ensure you have arranged for the party to send the documentation directly to Physiotherapy Alberta before you apply. Only the documents listed below will be accepted if sent by another party.

Documents you arrange another party to send directly to Physiotherapy Alberta

How we will manage your application file

  • In 2 business days, we will review your application and the supporting documents which are required to accompany your application to ensure the application is complete and the required documentation provided.  
    • If yes, we will start the application process and provide access to our Member Portal where you can monitor your application progress.
    • If no to either, we will not start the application process. You will be advised to reapply and provide complete supporting documentation.
  • In 4 business days, we will start to work on your application file. This includes reviewing your application and accompanying supporting documents in detail to ensure the registration requirement is met. We will also review any documents received directly from another party.
  • A status report is uploaded to your Member Portal.
  • Thereafter, any documents received from another party are dealt with in 6 business days.

We try to deal with applications and documents within the timelines noted above. However, processing may take longer when there is a high volume.

Application files are typically assessed by staff, however, the Registrar may refer any matter to the Registration Committee to consider and this will delay the application progress.

Decision on a complete application

  • We should be able to approve your application in 1 - 2 business days once all registration requirements have been cleared/met unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Once approved, a practice permit is issued entitling you to practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta.
  • Your name will appear on the public registry enabling the public and employers to verify your registration status.

Applications may also be deferred, refused, or conditions imposed if it is in the best interest of the public. Decisions or actions taken by Physiotherapy Alberta can be reviewed by the provincial Ombudsman in accordance with the Ombudsman Act.


  • Application fee - $125
  • Liability insurance - $200 - $250
  • Regulatory reference - at discretion of regulator
  • Criminal record check
    • Canada - $29 + tax
    • United States - $31 + tax
    • Other countries - range is $35 - $350. 
    • Note: These are estimates only and can vary depending on circumstances, e.g., number of searches within a country, complexity of search, local fees, delay in processing. 


  • Regulatory reference - at discretion of regulator
  • Criminal record check - approximately 2 business days for a Canadian check if cleared based on name search; international checks vary by country
  • Supporting documents - 6 business days for Physiotherapy Alberta to review including criminal record check and resubmitted documents
  • A decision on a complete file in approximately 1 - 2 business days


Your practice permit is valid from the date that it is issued until September 30. You are able to renew your practice permit between August 1 and September 30 of each year. 

Physiotherapists are autonomous health professionals accountable for their conduct and practice. As such, you are required to personally hold professional liability insurance to ensure coverage when you practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta, regardless of role or employment environment. The amount of coverage you must have is  $5 million per occurrence/patient and $5 million minimum for the policy year.

Liability insurance is offered through a variety of providers. We've included links to insurance programs providing coverage to the majority of Alberta physiotherapists. Not all policies offer the same coverage.

You are responsible for reviewing each policy and making an informed decision. Physiotherapy Alberta does not endorse a specific product or validate the information contained within each provider's website.

Physiotherapy Alberta collects information from members for regulatory purposes. This includes determining eligibility for registration, maintaining the member register and implementing the investigation and discipline process. The information is also used to support activities that further Physiotherapy Alberta’s mandate to protect the public interest (e.g., workforce planning and research that promotes innovative, quality physiotherapist care). Physiotherapy Alberta keeps complete registration files for a minimum of 10 years following removal from the register.

Who do we share your information with?

Information on the Register of Members must be disclosed to the public upon request. This includes your name, registration number, registration status, conditions imposed on your practice permit, current or previous employment information (e.g., employer’s name and address), whether you are authorized to independently perform an advanced restricted activity, and conduct findings on record. Members of the public may access information on the register by contacting Physiotherapy Alberta directly or through our Public Registry. 

Under the Health Professions Act, Physiotherapy Alberta is required by law to provide demographic, education and practice information to the Minister of Health and Wellness for health workforce planning purposes.

Physiotherapy Alberta may disclose information that is summarized or in a statistical form so that it is not possible to relate the information to any particular identifiable person.

Other than regulatory notice, members must consent to the use of their email address for other communication with Physiotherapy Alberta. Consent is granted using the My Profile in the Member Portal.

How can you access and correct your information?

You may access and correct most information using My Profile in the Member Portal. Information that may not be changed online must be brought to the attention of registration staff.

Who should you contact for more information?

Contact Physiotherapy Alberta’s Privacy Officer if you have questions about the collection, use and disclosure of your information. 780.438.0338 or

What is tele-rehabilitation?

Tele-rehabilitation is the provision of physiotherapy services which involves communication with a patient who is remotely located from the primary physiotherapist providing service. It can include video conferencing, email, apps, web-based communication or wearable technology for example. The physiotherapist may or may not be present with the patient. All of the professional behaviours involved in the exchange of information are the same as if the patient is in direct face to face contact with the physiotherapist.

Tele-rehabilitation can be used to serve the public interest by delivering services not otherwise available without compromising quality of care or regulatory accountability. Services should always be provided in accordance with standards or any other applicable guidelines.

What is in-person service?

In-person services are those physiotherapy services provided by a physiotherapist in direct face-to-face contact with a person. 

Which rules and standards do I need to follow?

When providing patient care in Alberta you need to follow the laws, regulations, standards of practice and code of ethical conduct for physiotherapists in Alberta. If a patient has a complaint about the care you provided, they may wish to file their complaint in your primary (home) province or in Alberta. it is possible that both jurisdictions will investigate the complaint. If this occurs the Colleges in both provinces will work together on the investigation.

If I am no longer registered with the College in my primary (home) jurisdiction, can I still be registered on Physiotherapy Alberta's Courtesy Register to provide cross-border services?

No. Registration on the Courtesy Register to provide cross-border services is only an option for individuals registered in another Canadian jurisdiction. You would need to apply for registration on our General Register if you wished to continue to deliver patient care in Alberta.

How will I be paid for the services I provide?

You will need to contact the payor/funding source to find out about reimbursement for the care you provide.

May I provide restricted activities?

You may provide the restricted activities for which you are authorized in Alberta. More information and the application process is available here.