Registration is mandatory. To practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta and use the titles physiotherapist or physical therapist, or abbreviation PT, an individual must be registered with Physiotherapy Alberta. 

This information in this guide is for individuals previously registered in Alberta and now applying to reinstate their registration.

The criteria all applicants must meet.


Passed Physiotherapy Alberta's jurisprudence module which evaluates your understanding and application of the rules governing practice in Alberta. 

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Education

Completed the mandatory education in place to protect patients from sexual abuse and sexual misconduct by physiotherapists.

Liability insurance

Personally hold professional liability insurance in the amount of $5 million to ensure coverage wherever you practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta, regardless of role or employment environment.

Character + reputation

Are of good character and reputation. There is no past or present behavior or conduct that would put the Alberta public at risk. Evidence is collected by self-declarations, Criminal Record Check, regulatory history, and civil judgments.

Additional criteria to be registered on the General Register.


Worked 1200 hours as a physiotherapist during the last 5 years. This includes hours you provided physiotherapy services (assessment, diagnosis, treatment), engaged in research and administration or delivered education with respect to health services delivery and the science, techniques and practice of physiotherapy.  

Continuing competence

Only required if you were removed from the General Register after October 1, 2011. Completed the Continuing Competence Program activities required for the last year registered. 

Additional criteria to be registered on the Provisional Register.

Supervised practice

A regulated member on the Provisional Register may practice only under the supervision of a regulated member on the General Register. A physiotherapist on the General Register has agreed to supervise your practice.

Documents you send directly to Physiotherapy Alberta

  • Application. 
  • Identification. Scanned copy of government-issued photo identification which matches the name on your application. We may request additional identification if your name on any supporting document is different than on your application.
  • Jurisprudence Module Exam Summary to confirm you passed Physiotherapy Alberta's jurisprudence module. 
  • Liability insurance. Certificate of Insurance with current effective date. A future-dated policy will not be accepted.
  • Supervision agreement for each practice site to confirm your practice as a physiotherapist will be supervised. Applicable only to applicants applying for registration on the Provisional Register.

Email your application and all of the above supporting documents to

Documents you arrange another party to send directly to Physiotherapy Alberta

  • Criminal record check completed by Sterling Talent Solutions ( from every country where you have lived for 90+ days within 10 years of this application or dating back to your 18th birthday. A criminal record check is only valid for 90 days from date of issue so even if you provided a report previously, you will need to do so again. 
  • Regulatory History form from each jurisdiction where you worked as a physiotherapist since canceling your registration in Alberta (limited to the last 10 years) to confirm your registration status and conduct history. If you worked, but were not registered, in a jurisdiction where the physiotherapy profession is subject to registration or any other form of regulation, a Regulatory History form is still required to confirm you were not registered. A Regulatory History is only valid for 90 days from date of issue.
  • Regulatory History form from each jurisdiction where you worked as another regulated professional (e.g., nurse, acupuncturist, teacher) since canceling your registration in Alberta (limited to the last 10 years) to confirm your registration status and conduct history. A Regulatory History is only valid for 90 days from date of issue.

Documents Physiotherapy Alberta will obtain directly

  • My Practice Improvement Record completed online from the Member Portal. 

Fees paid to Physiotherapy Alberta - College + Association

Collected at time file is complete, based on date of registration and for a practice permit to the end of the current registration year, e.g., September 30, 2021.

Application fee
Waived for members who cancel their registration and apply to be reinstated within the same registration year, eg. October 1 to September 30. 
Practice permit fee (applying for registration between Oct 1 and Mar 31) $805
Practice permit fee (apply for registration between Apr 1 and Sep 30) $615

Fees paid to another party

Regulatory reference At discretion of regulator
Liability insurance $200 - $250
Criminal Record Check

Canada - $29 + tax 

United States  - $31 + tax

Other countries - range is $35 - $350. Refer to the country order form for country costs.

Note: These are estimates only and can vary depending on circumstances, e.g., number of searches within a country, complexity of search, local fees, delay in processing. 


Regulatory reference At discretion of regulator
Liability insurance At discretion of insurance provider
Criminal Record Check

Canada - approx 2 business days if cleared based on name search

International - country specific

Supporting documents 6 business days for Physiotherapy Alberta to review from date received
Decision on complete file Approx. 1 - 2 business days 

Physiotherapists are autonomous health professionals accountable for their conduct and practice. As such, you are required to personally hold professional liability insurance to ensure coverage wherever you practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta, regardless of role or employment environment. The amount of coverage you must have is $5 million per occurrence/patient and $5 million minimum for the policy year.

Liability insurance is offered through a variety of providers. We've included a link to insurance programs providing coverage to the majority of Alberta physiotherapists. Not all policies offer the same coverage.

You are responsible for reviewing each policy and making an informed decision. Physiotherapy Alberta does not endorse a specific product or validate the information contained within each vendor’s website.

Physiotherapy Alberta collects information from members for regulatory purposes. This includes determining eligibility for registration, maintaining the member register and implementing the investigation and discipline process. The information is also used to support activities that further Physiotherapy Alberta’s mandate to protect the public interest (e.g., workforce planning and research that promotes innovative, quality physiotherapist care). Physiotherapy Alberta keeps complete registration files for a minimum of 10 years following removal from the register.

Who do we share your information with?

Information on the Register of Members must be disclosed to the public upon request. This includes your name, registration number, registration status, conditions imposed on your practice permit, current or previous employment information (e.g., employer’s name and address), whether you are authorized to independently perform an advanced restricted activity, and conduct findings on record. Members of the public may access information on the register by contacting Physiotherapy Alberta directly or through our Public Registry

Under the Health Professions Act, Physiotherapy Alberta is required by law to provide demographic, education and practice information to the Minister of Health and Wellness for health workforce planning purposes.

With expressed consent, Physiotherapy Alberta will share member contact information (i.e., name, address, phone, email) with researchers conducting a study that will further our mandate to protect the public interest by promoting innovative, quality physiotherapy care. The data may not be used for commercial purposes and can only be used once and not reproduced or passed on to others. Consent is granted using My Profile in the Member Portal.

Physiotherapy Alberta may disclose information that is summarized or in a statistical form so that it is not possible to relate the information to any particular identifiable person.

How can you access and correct your information?

You may access and correct most information using My Profile in the Member Portal. Information that may not be changed online must be brought to the attention of registration staff.

Who should you contact for more information?

Contact Physiotherapy Alberta’s privacy officer if you have questions about the collection, use and disclosure of your information. 780.438.0338 or