We were all born to move, through our work, through our play, through our day, through our lives, leaving our footprints, making an impression, following our path on the journey we were born to complete, because we were all born to move and Alberta physiotherapists were born to help us keep doing just that.

Born to Move

In celebration of 30 years of physiotherapy regulation, Physiotherapy Alberta created the Born to Move videos as a way to celebrate the small moments that provide us the joy of moving. There is evidence that physical activity can prevent some chronic diseases and even ease symptoms for those with a chronic disease or condition. As movement specialists, physiotherapists are uniquely positioned to get patients moving again when a condition or injury gets in the way. Born to Move was created with that in mind and hopes to inspire and motivate Albertans to get moving and keep moving.

Born to Move 2017

The 2017 Born to Move video

Born to Move 2017, Skate Version

Watch Kurt Browning's entire skate from the 2017 Born to Move video!

Born To Move 2016

Where it all started. View the Born to Move video.

Born to Move 2016, Dance Version

View the complete dance from the Born to Move video, choreographed by the dancer Laurie Alston.

Born to Move Spring/Summer Commercial

View the 30-second Born to Move commercial

Born to Move STORIES

The Born to Move videos feature everyday moments of Albertans, threaded together by a dancer or skater whose choreography echoes their movements. Each person in the video has their own unique story of how physiotherapy helped them get back to doing what they were born to do. Here, we share the stories that shaped our Born to Move videos.

Kurt's Story

As a four-time World Champion and four-time Canadian National Champion, Kurt hasn't escaped injury. Find out more …

Alison's Story

Alison was only 15 years old when a horseback riding accident changed her life, leaving her left leg badly damaged. Find out more …

Sue's Story

Sue, an experienced climber and runner, suffered a compressed vertebra in her neck while climbing. Find out more …

Calla's Story

20-month-old Calla was diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy after a family member noticed the unusual way she was sitting. Find out more …

Ina's Story

Ina received four surgeries in a ten-year span, requiring physiotherapy to regain strength and confidence. Find out more …

Laurie's Story

When a car accident left Laurie, a dance instructor and mother of three, with pain and restricted movement, it was difficult for her to complete daily activities. Find out more …

Sam's Story

Sam Kelts, a professional saddle bronc rider, has been getting bucked off horses for as long as he can remember. Find out more …

Danny and Marilyn's Story

When Danny woke up in the middle of the night with chest pain, he and his wife, Marilyn, knew it was something serious. Find out more …