Alison's Story

Alison was only 15 years old when a horseback riding accident changed her life, leaving her left leg badly damaged.

“For the next 23 years I was struggling through surgery after surgery. The leg never healed well… Physiotherapy was an important part of my recovery.”

After a surgery left her with an ankle that was too painful to walk on, Alison decided to have a below the knee amputation. Her physiotherapist was involved before and after the amputation, first helping her prepare and then helping her learn to walk properly.

“My physiotherapist was really able to support me and offer me hope on the other side.”

These days, Alison is making up for lost time. Taking up outrigger canoeing, Alison competed in the 2016 World Sprint Championships where she won a gold medal in the 250 sprint.

Watch the video to hear Alison's entire story.

Supporting you in difficult times

Life can change in an instant. An injury or illness could leave you or a loved one facing overwhelming life changes. While the journey may seem long, a physiotherapist can help navigate. Not only will a physiotherapist help you physically by helping to restore movement and function, but can also offer hope and support, as they understand the struggle that comes with starting a “new normal.”

Your physiotherapist is your health-care partner in helping you overcome obstacles and realizing new goals.