Calla's Story

Mike and Simone first noticed the unusual way 20-month-old Calla would sit when a family member brought it to their attention. Calla also seemed to have trouble straightening her leg. Eventually, she was diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy.

“It was definitely a challenging moment for us, as a family.”

Calla began to attend physiotherapy several times a week as part of a research study, with the goal of strengthening muscles and practicing movement patterns. That time commitment makes Calla’s physiotherapy treatments a family affair, with her four-year-old brother tagging along as well.

Though Calla has some work ahead of her, her outlook is positive. “We’re a very active family and our hope for Calla is that she gets to enjoy everything that she wants to in life.”

Watch the video to hear Calla's entire story.

Supporting family life

An injury or illness not only effects the person, but often the whole family as well. When it’s a child who is ill or injured, the effects can feel even greater.

When it comes to paediatric physiotherapy, a lot of effort is put into making children and their families comfortable and confident as they work towards their goals. A physiotherapist can be your family’s health-care partner by helping your family get back to doing what they love. Physiotherapists can be a great source of support and resources as they aid in recovery.