Sue's Story

Sue, an experienced climber and runner, suffered a compressed vertebra in her neck while climbing. The pain was intense and surprising –seeming to come on quick and without obvious incident. 

“It was so surprising to be so healthy and to have accomplished so much, and suddenly [there was] this incapacitating pain.”

Sue was told she would never run or climb again. But her physiotherapist was more interested in what she would be able to do and helped Sue shift her focus to the possible.

Soon Sue returned to work, her sleep improved, and she was back to being a mom. She gradually started climbing again. These days, with the help of her physiotherapist, Sue is focused on cycling.

Watch the video to hear Sue's entire story.

Getting you back to your life

Experiencing an injury or illness can make you feel as though you are sitting on the sidelines of your life. The simplest of tasks can become a challenge and you fear the goals you were working towards will never be realized. A physiotherapist can help you get back in the game, whether this is a gradual return to your life or, in some cases, introducing you to your “new normal.”

A physiotherapist is a health-care partner who understands your goals, both when it comes to recovery and your life. Treatment is focused on your unique case and how to help you achieve all that you strive for.