Career Compass

Physiotherapy Alberta believes that helping interested physiotherapists find a way into leadership and non-traditional roles will improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care in Alberta and improve the job satisfaction of physiotherapists as well. Career Compass focuses on the steps involved in career planning and what you can do to counter career drift, charting a more intentional course to the career you want to have.

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Co-worker Abuse

Co-worker abuse among health-care professionals is an issue that impacts workplace health and safety, staff recruitment and retention, and patient safety. Five health-care regulatory colleges, including Physiotherapy Alberta, have come together to develop a communications program to reverse the trend of co-worker abuse in health care in our province.

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Burnout Among Physiotherapists

Burnout among physiotherapists impacts the health and wellbeing of individual physiotherapists, gives rise to concerns about the quality and safety of patient care, and has the potential to negatively impact the profession. Individual physiotherapists, employers, health system leaders, and physiotherapy regulators must act to address the problem and reduce the risk of burnout to ensure a healthy physiotherapy workforce now and in the long term.