Mentorship has been described as “that thing everyone wants but no one can explain exactly why.” It is much desired but often poorly understood. It’s common for people to have a vague understanding of what a mentorship relationship signifies, and to misuse the term when speaking about supervisory relationships. While all physiotherapy interns are required to have a supervisor while on the Provisional Register, a mentorship relationship is a voluntary one. While supervisors provide oversight to ensure that safe, high-quality care is provided to patients, a mentorship relationship is one in which an experienced professional supports the personal and professional learning, growth and advancement of a less experienced mentee. Mentorship is generally viewed as a long-term relationship that focuses on role modeling and guidance. There is no oversight function within a mentorship relationship.

Mentorship Guidebook: Planning for Success

By: Mary Wheeler, Partner donnerwheeler

Mentorship is traditionally a long-term relationship in which someone with more experience and wisdom (mentor) supports and encourages another (mentee/protégé) as that individual grows and develops professionally and personally.