Under the Health Professions Act, to practice as a physiotherapist and use the titles physiotherapist or physical therapist or abbreviation PT you must be registered and have a valid practice permit. 

ONLINE RENEWAL for the 2020/2021 registration year (October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021) is now closed. 

Six tips to make renewing quick and easy:

Know your login credentials

The email address to use is the one on your registration record. 

Renew your liability insurance policy

You must renew your liability insurance policy before renewing your practice permit as you must provide details of your insurance in place October 1, 2020 and beyond.

Complete your competence program activities

Each year, physiotherapists on the General Register take part in two activities before renewing their practice permit. One activity is a Self-Selected Activity and the other is a College-Selected Activity

Reporting on activities during the renewal process involves:

Calculate your practice hours

Calculate the hours you will work from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020. You may estimate the hours until September 30, 2020 so you may renew early. Contact Physiotherapy Alberta in October if the estimated hours need to be changed. Practice hours can include physiotherapy services provided (assessment, diagnosis, treatment) or hours engaged in research, delivering education or administration with respect to health services delivery and the science, techniques and practice of physiotherapy. 

Ensure My Profile is up-to-date

Ensure your contact details, employment, education, and registration in another jurisdiction is accurate in My Profile. 


You may pay fees by MasterCard or Visa. You may also pay by cheque but make sure you allow enough time for payment to arrive at Physiotherapy Alberta's office before September 16 otherwise the late fee will be applied.

Renewal applications are assessed to determine that the following requirements are met:

Liability insurance

You continue to hold personal professional liability insurance in the amount of $5 million on any patient and $5 million minimum for the policy year which extends to all areas of your practice in Alberta. 

Physiotherapists are autonomous health professionals accountable for their conduct and practice. As such, you are required to personally hold professional liability insurance to ensure coverage wherever you practice as a physiotherapist in Alberta, regardless of role or employment environment. The amount of coverage you must have is $5 million per occurrence/patient and $5 million minimum for the policy year.

Liability insurance is offered through a variety of vendors. We've included a link to vendors who provide coverage to the majority of Alberta physiotherapists. Not all policies offer the same coverage.

You are responsible for reviewing each policy and making an informed decision. Physiotherapy Alberta does not endorse a specific product or validate the information contained within each vendor’s website.


You have either practiced 1,200 hours as a physiotherapist during the last 5 registration years or completed the Physiotherapy Competency Examination within the last 3 registration years. Hours can include physiotherapy services provided (assessment, diagnosis, treatment), hours engaged in research and administration or delivered education with respect to health services delivery and the science, techniques and practice of physiotherapy.

Continuing competence

If you are a registrant on the General Register, you have completed the Self-Selected Activity and the College-Selected Activity.

Character and reputation

You are of good character and reputation. There is no behaviour or conduct that would put the Alberta public at risk.

Fees are paid

The 2020/2021 permit renewal fee is $805.00. A $130.00 late fee will be applied to any applications completed after September 15, 2020.

  • $805.00. Fee for renewal applications completed (this includes full payment) before midnight September 15, 2020: practice permit only.
  • $935.00. Fee for renewal applications completed (including full payment) after September 15, 2020 regardless of when received: practice permit and late fee.
  • Fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full whether you intend to practice for the entire registration year or only a portion.  

You may pay fees by MasterCard, Visa or cheque. However, if paying by cheque make sure you allow enough time for payment to arrive at Physiotherapy Alberta's office before September 15, otherwise the late fee will be applied.

Your tax receipt is available in the Member Portal immediately upon payment in full.

Practice permits issued to regulated members on the General Register expire September 30, 2020 and must be renewed for the upcoming registration year (October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021).

  • Renewal applications must be completed (including full payment) before September 15, 2020, otherwise the late fee will be applied. 
  • Renewal applications are completed online through the Member Portal. Applications which do not require Physiotherapy Alberta's review are approved immediately upon payment in full. 
  • Once your renewal application is approved, a 2020/2021 practice permit will be issued and appear in the Member Portal. You may download and print your practice permit as proof of registration. Employers may use our Public Registry to verify registration.  

If your renewal application, which includes payment in full, is not completed by September 30, 2020 you must stop practicing until a valid practice permit is issued.

Under the Health Professions Act, individuals practicing as a physiotherapist in Alberta and using the title physiotherapist or physical therapist must be registered and have a valid practice permit. If you are no longer practicing as a physiotherapist in Alberta you have two options:

Renew your practice permit

If your absence from physiotherapy is for a short period, you can renew and receive a practice permit until September 30, 2021. This allows you the flexibility to return to work at any time prior to September 30, 2021 without submitting further information/documentation to Physiotherapy Alberta. You continue with your competence program activities, keep your Profile current, and continue to hold professional liability insurance as a practicing physiotherapist.

Cancel your registration 

You may cancel your registration and then apply to reinstate your registration prior to returning to work. 

  • Fees, If your registration is reinstated before September 30, 2021, the application fee is waived and you only need to pay the practice permit fee; after September 30, 2021 you must pay both the application and practice permit fee. 
  • Insurance. From a registration perspective, when you are not a regulated member, the requirement to hold insurance does not apply. However, patients can file a malpractice claim against you up to ten years after an incident. You need to check the terms of your insurance policy. Ensure that your insurance will cover you for a claim filed at a later date related to an event that occurred while you were practicing and insured. Some policies provide coverage against this type of claim, sometimes referred to as “tail coverage” or “extended reporting period coverage,” while other policies may require that you purchase additional coverage when leaving/retiring from practice.
  • Competence program. When you apply to reinstate your registration you must demonstrate that you completed the competence program activities for the last year registered. This means you must have completed a 2020 Self-Selected Activity including describing on the Practice Improvement Record what happened when you applied the new knowledge or skill. Ensure you complete the Practice Improvement Record before you apply to cancel your registration if you have any plans to return to practice in Alberta as it will be required when you apply to reinstate your registration.  You must also have completed the 2020 College-Selected Activity.
  • Currency requirement. The currency requirement is 1,200 hours during the previous 5 registration years. If you do not meet the requirement, your reinstatement application will be reviewed by the Registration Committee to determine your options. To receive a decision may take a couple of weeks.
  • Good character + reputation. A criminal record check from every country where you lived for 90+ days for the last ten years is a new requirement. A criminal record check is only valid for 90 days so even if you provided a report previously, you will need to do so again. Criminal record checks completed within Canada can be done within a few days if there are no issues; this is not the case for international checks which can take several weeks.

A reinstatement fee is levied at the time of reinstatement for individuals who do not renew or cancel their registration.

  • The email address to login to the Member Portal is the email address on your registration record. If you no longer have access to that email address, contact Physiotherapy Alberta so we can change it for you. You can expect that we will ask some verifying questions before making the change.
  • Physiotherapy Alberta staff are here to help. Call between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays) at 780.438.0338 or 1.800.291.2782 or email info@physiotherapyalberta.ca