Being a physiotherapist requires a lifelong commitment to learning and professional growth. As a professional, you are required to stay up to date on professional practice standards, advances, changes and trends in patient treatment and care.

Lifelong learning and a “do better” mindset are key to your commitment to practicing competently. The activities undertaken during your career deepen your professional skillset, connection to the profession, and the quality of care you provide.

Physiotherapy Alberta recognizes that physiotherapists are self-directed, motivated adult learners who continually monitor and participate in activities to support healthy, competent practice. As such, Physiotherapy Alberta designed the DO. LEARN. GROW. Continuing Competence Program to reflect this belief. The Program was well received by ~25% of members when pilot tested in 2018.

Quick overview

Each year, physiotherapists on the General Register take part in two activities before renewing their practice permit. One activity is a Self-Selected Activity and the other is a College-Selected Activity. Both support physiotherapists to learn and grow.

Each activity is described in more detail in the following sections and based on the Program Rules.

Self-Selected Activity

College-Selected Activity

Why do I need to do (participate in) this program?

Participation in the continuing competence program is legislated by the Health Professions Act.

How does this program ensure I am competent?

Participation in the program alone will not ensure competence. The DO. LEARN. GROW. program is designed to support your continuing competence. It takes into consideration that your competence is influenced by many factors including participation in regulatory college activities, your own internal characteristics, where you are in your career continuum, your employer and work environment, and your connectedness to the profession.

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