Physiotherapy Alberta is responsible for supporting physiotherapists to deliver safe, competent, ethical care. Part of this includes raising the profession’s collective awareness of issues, professional practice standards, ethical conduct and legislation governing physiotherapist's practice.

  • DO: Complete one College-Selected Activity annually
  • LEARN: Reflect on the new information you learned
  • GROW: Implement what you learned

It is an activity that Physiotherapy Alberta selects and requires members to complete. This activity may be completed in the form of educational modules, self-assessments, knowledge tests, etc. Mandatory participation ensures a profession-wide collective and common understanding of a topic. For example, topics may include:

  • Jurisprudence
  • Measures for preventing sexual abuse and sexual misconduct
  • Managing challenging situations
  • Ethical decision-making

Topics are based on profession and public interest issues, practice standards and other rules governing physiotherapist practice. The topic will vary from year-to-year. Most years all members will complete the same activity  However, some years, when appropriate, members will be able to choose from a list of options.

The College-Selected Activity is always completed online.

You must complete the College-Selected Activity before you renew your practice permit.  

Physiotherapy Alberta will let you know when the College-Selected Activity is available for online completion and will provide access instructions and any details as to what is required.

When the College-Selected Activity is open for completion may vary from year to year. Physiotherapy Alberta will give members an adequate amount of time to complete the activity before renewing their practice permit.

Watch for an email from Physiotherapy Alberta in early February announcing the 2019 College-Selected Activity.