8 Reasons to Attend Connect + Learn 2019

  •   July 31, 2019

We know it’s not always easy to convince your boss or get the support of your employer to attend a conference, or the time off to do so. And sometimes, you need a little convincing yourself! There are many reasons to attend Connect + Learn, but here are some big reasons to join us this fall!

1. Value

Priced below other conferences, and with lower travel and accommodation costs than other events to boot, Connect + Learn is priced to be accessible to front-line clinicians.

2. Quality

While cost is important, it only matters if the quality is still there. On this point Connect + Learn really delivers! Attendees of past events reported that the conference addressed their learning needs (91% agreed) and provided actionable learning (100% agreed). We continually seek out credible speakers to discuss topics of interest and importance to you.

3. Broad Applicability

While some professional development offerings promise to teach you a new skill you can use with a few patients, Connect + Learn provides you with new skills and approaches that are broadly applicable and relevant to a wide range of patients, regardless of the setting or population you work with.

4. Up-to-Date Clinical Content

Are you still rehabbing ACL injuries the way we did back in ’95? What’s changed in concussion management in the last year? We bring you up-to-date, clinically-relevant content that will impact your practice now.

5. Addressing Future Trends

The world is changing. Health care is changing. Physiotherapists need to change too. Whether we are talking about the physiotherapist’s role in health coaching for chronic disease management, what patient-centered care looks like from the patient’s perspective, or the implications of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on practice, we are looking at the big picture, and how to position physiotherapy for success now and in the future.

6. Alberta Focused

Connect + Learn is a by Albertans, for Albertans conference, so we make sure that the content is relevant to physiotherapy practice within our local context.

7. Steal from your neighbors! (In a good way…)

Part of Connect + Learn is getting to hear from other clinicians about how they are innovating to make patient care better. Whether that’s from our Short Snapper Sessions highlighting local clinical research or from conversations over breakfast or cocktails, sharing of information and networking is a big part of this jam-packed event!

8. Bring the team!

Being local and low cost means there’s the opportunity to bring the whole gang and spend some time team building in the beautiful Rocky Mountains before, during, or after the event.

High-quality clinical content, at a reasonable price, in the beautiful Rockies? Pack your suitcase!
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