Continuing Competence: New Program Takes Off

  •   January 4, 2019

Too busy to notice last month’s launch of the new Continuing Competence Program? Here is what your physiotherapist colleague is saying about it, three days after the launch.

“I love this new program. Kudos to the College for being relevant, changing to meet needs, introducing a more flexible and timely learning platform, and understanding that meeting jurisprudence and compliance doesn’t have to be complicated.  I really like the DO.LEARN.GROW concept. It motivates a growth mindset and a lot more options to participate in with flexibility in participation. I’ve got a pain education webinar tonight and sometimes they really click with your present needs and sometimes webinars don’t. This new system allows me to then choose if this activity is purposeful and if not, I don’t have to explain why it wasn’t meeting my learning goals.”  Susan Saretsky

What is the DO. LEARN. GROW. program all about?

Each year, physiotherapists on the General Register take part in two activities before renewing their practice permit. One activity is a Self-Selected Activity and the other is a College-Selected Activity. Both support physiotherapists to learn and grow.

Self-Selected Activity

  • You choose the activity. It can be any activity you choose to DO that promotes deeper LEARNing, GROWth and improves practice.
  • Taking part in the activity must result in significant, meaningful and sustained improvement in both personal competence, and either patient care practices or physiotherapy/health-care services.
  • The activity you choose may be initiated for your own professional growth or as an employment requirement. Click here for a list of suggestions.
  • Before renewing your practice permit, you will tell Physiotherapy Alberta what happened when you applied the new information or skill using the Practice Improvement Record.
  • Participation and reporting happens in the same registration year (October – September).

College-Selected Activity

  • Physiotherapy Alberta selects the activity. The activity may be completed in the form of education modules, self assessment, knowledge tests.
  • Mandatory participation ensures physiotherapists DO, LEARN and GROW together to develop a collective and common understanding of a topic.
  • Topics are based on the Standards of Practice, Code of Ethical Conduct or legislation.
  • Completion is required prior to practice permit renewal.

What do I need to do now?

What’s next?

  • Physiotherapy Alberta is hosting a webinar on January 24, 2019 to showcase the DO. LEARN. GROW. program. Mark your calendar and join us. We plan to leave lots of time for questions.
  • Physiotherapy Alberta staff are working on the first College-Selected Activity which will be launched in February 2019.

Questions or to request an onsite presentation?

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