Council News: June 2019

  •   July 5, 2019

2019/2020 Fee schedule

Council has approved a 2% fee increase to all fees. An increase in fees was thoughtfully discussed and thoroughly debated. With recent amendments to the Health Professions Act there are new requirements of regulatory colleges including a Patient Relations Program. This program includes establishing a fund for the purpose of treatment and counselling for patients who have been the subject of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct by a regulated member. The requirement for a patient relations fund could have considerable financial implications for Physiotherapy Alberta dependent on complaints of this nature.

Election of Officers and Appointment of Member for Executive Committee

Karin Eldred was acclaimed as the Council President for the 2019/2020 year. Simon Cooke was acclaimed as the Vice–President. In addition to the President and Vice President, Amarjit Mann was appointed to the Executive Committee as the Member at Large.

Committee appointments

Kelly Stark has been reappointed to the Continuing Competence Committee and Neha Agarwal has been appointed to the Registration Committee.

Alumni Register

Physiotherapy Alberta must now publish the status of regulated member’s practice permit, including whether it is suspended or cancelled. We must publish that Alumni members have cancelled their practice permit and/or registration as a regulated member. This requires a change in how the Alumni register is managed and comes with an increased cost. On average 36.5 members have been on the Alumni register each year over the past eight years. The benefit of the alumni register is that they receive the newsletter by email which allows the member opportunity to stay connected with Physiotherapy Alberta news however the newsletter is also accessible on our website. A decision was made to discontinue the Alumni Register.

Fines for Practicing without Authorization

While it does not happen often, there are times when an individual may continue to practice as a physiotherapist after their practice permit expires, despite reminders from Physiotherapy Alberta or, the individual starts to practice as a physiotherapist before their registration application is approved and their practice permit issued. A decision was made to impose a fine of $500 for any individual that practices physiotherapy without authorization.