Discontinuation of Reflective Practice Review – What it means for you

  •   November 27, 2018

Physiotherapy Alberta launched its new DO.LEARN.GROW. Continuing Competence Program December 1, 2018. The new program replaces the former Reflective Practice Review component.

But I liked the old reflective practice review component.

We know some members do so that is why we integrated the reflective practice review activities into the DO. LEARN. GROW. program. You can continue to complete these activities if you wish. There are some differences though. Each step is now a separate activity and the entire learning plan (goal setting, action plan and reflection) takes place in the same registration year. Instead of doing all the steps (self-assessment, patient care reflection, learning plan and/or implementation and evaluation) each year you only need to choose one activity for your Self-Selected Activity.

Can I finish my 2019 learning plan and get credit for it?

Yes. If you complete the learning activities and reflect on your learning, this will count as your 2019 Self-Selected Activity. You may continue to use the old Learning Planner + Tracker form to record your work or transfer your plan to the new Personal Learning Plan form. Don’t use the online platform as this will be discontinued September 30, 2019.  

What happens to my reflective practice review records stored in your online platform?

Since 2016 physiotherapists had the option to record their reflective practice review activities in an online platform provided by Physiotherapy Alberta. The online platform will be discontinued September 30, 2019 as it is not needed for the new program.

You have until September 30, 2019 to retrieve your records if you would like to keep them for your own use.  While Physiotherapy Alberta does not have access to the information you stored in the online platform we do know if you created an account. In the new year we will send you instructions for retrieving their records.

Do I still need to keep my reflective practice review records for five years?

No. As the reflective practice review program is discontinued so to are the old program rules which required that you keep the records for five years. Of course, you may choose to retain them for personal purposes.