Self-Selected Activity: Complete your PIR on your Mobile Device

  •   November 6, 2019

If you attended Connect + Learn 2019 (or another event) and found something that you know is a perfect fit for integrating into practice, you may want to use the event for your 2020 Self-Selected Activity. Have you considered getting jump start on renewal 2020 by writing up initial thoughts about event participation in your Practice Improvement Record (PIR) using your mobile device?

Here are some tips for writing up your Practice Improvement Record using a mobile device:

Immediately after the event

  • On your mobile device, find the Physiotherapy Alberta website and log in to your member portal.
  • Select “MY PIR” from the drop-down menu located in the upper left corner.
  • Select “2019/2020.” The PIR opens and you can start writing up your ideas. Writing your thoughts out immediately after the event helps you recall what you learned and starts the process of making knowledge stick. Your first entries will focus on what you personally learned at the event.
  • Save your entry.


  • At work, apply what you learned to your practice context and observe the impacts.
  • Make sure the application of what you learnt results in significant, meaningful and sustained changes in personal competence, and either patient care practice or physiotherapy/health-care services. If it does, you can use the experience to meet the DO.LEARN.GROW. Self-Selected Activity requirements.
  • Once the significant impacts on practice are apparent, you have reflected on them, and you are ready to write about them, log in to your member portal, revise your initial PIR entry and complete the other sections of the PIR.
  • Upload any additional documents that you want to submit as “Evidence of Participation.” You may need to handle this step from a computer if you don’t have this information archived on your mobile device.
  • Save your entry.

During Renewal 2020

  • Quickly review your completed PIR, revise as needed and submit it.
  • Congrats, you haven’t left your practice permit renewal requirement until the eleventh hour. Your registration renewal stress levels are at the lowest level ever!

Here is an example of what a peer physiotherapist accomplished after being inspired by a short snapper presentation at Physiotherapy Alberta’s 2017 Connect + Learn conference.

Comments? Need help finding the PIR on your mobile device? Contact Audrey Lowe Manager Continuing Competence Program 780.438.0338, 1.800.291.2782