Self-Selected Activity: When to Complete

  •   October 11, 2019

The dust has settled, you have jumped through the hoops and wrote up last year’s Self-Selected Activity meeting the requirements for renewal.

You say to yourself “Now what. When should I start working on my next Self-Selected Activity and completing my next Practice Improvement Record?”

Complete your Self-Selected Activity any time after October 1. The participation and reporting period for the Self-Selected Activity spans the entire registration year (October 1 – September 30th).

The activity you choose for your 2019/2020 Self-Selected Activity must be one which results in significant, meaningful and sustained improvements in both your personal competence, and either patient care practice or physiotherapy/health-care services.

Self-Selected Activity = Activity (participation that results in meaningful changes in practice) + Practice Improvement Record

Each year on October 1 a new Practice Improvement Record appears in your Member Portal. Anytime from October 1 until you renew next year, you can log into your portal and complete your Practice Improvement Record. Once in your portal look for “My PIR” in the portal’s side menu.

It is early in the 2019/2020 registration year, so while the portal is now open and a new Practice Improvement Record (PIR) is waiting for you, give yourself enough time following activity completion for the broad range of impacts on practice to become obvious. Sufficient passage of time between completion of the activity and the PIR allows you to deeply contemplate what you have learned and understand the changes in patient care practices and/or your work environment.

The portal is set up to “save” any entries to your 2019/2020 PIR. Over the year, you can return to the portal to revise your PIR before submitting it during the 2020/2021 renewal period.

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