PT Alberta: September 2019

2019 Connect + Learn: What you need to know | Self-Selected Activity: Reflective vs. Rushed Storytelling | 2019 College-Selected Activity: Complete Even if you Plan to Renew or Cancel your Registration | Renew Your Practice Permit | Good Practice: Health Coaching Strategies to Facilitate Behaviour Change | Research in Focus: Smartphone Oximeter Use During Exercise in Individuals with Chronic Lung Disease | 10 Questions You Need Answered Before Leaving the Hospital

PT Alberta: July 2019

2019 Connect + Learn: Introducing the Keynote Speakers | 2019 College-Selected Activity: Ensure Your Compliance with Bill 21, An Act to Protect Patients | Self-Selected Activity: Completing your Practice Improvement Record this Summer | Leadership Message | Council News: June 2019 | Good Practice: Finding and Evaluating Research | FAQ About the Amendments to the Health Professions Act: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct | Member Spotlight: Three Decades of Giving Back to the Profession | Research in Focus: Abstracts of Low Back Pain Trials Often Deemed Inaccurate | 2018 Annual Report is Now Available | Foam Rollers: Not Just for the Gym

PT Alberta: August 2019

2019 Connect + Learn | Self-Selected Activity: Practice Improvement Record is Now Available Online | 2019 College-Selected Activity: Have You Achieved the Learning Objectives | Introducing the Physiotherapy Alberta Podcast: College Conversations | Renew Your Practice Permit | The Physiotherapy Directory: How the "Find a Physiotherapist" Search Function Works | Good Practice: When Breaking Up is Hard to Do | Research in Focus: Why Some Pressure Injuries May Be Unpreventable for Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury | Backpacks 101: Tips for Parents

PT Alberta June 2019

2019 Connect + Learn: Registration is Open | College-Selected Activity: Supports to Get Started | Self-Selected Activity: Wrapping up your Self-Selected Activity this Summer | Good Practice: Releasing Patient Records | Power and the Therapeutic Relationship: Considerations for Physiotherapists | Mentorship Guidebook: Relationship Embergence and Completion | Research in Focus: Predictors of Upper Limb Spasticity After Stroke? | Nominate a Colleague or Student for 2019 Physiotherapy Alberta Award | Frequently Asked Needling Questions - Answered

PT Alberta May 2019

2019 Council Election Results | Physiotherapy Month! | 2019 Connect + Learn: Registration is Open | Physiotherapy Month Contest: Win FREE Conference Registration | 2019 College-Selected Activity: Getting Started | Self-Selected Activity: Practice Improvement Record | Implementing Sensitive Practice as a Universal Precaution in Physiotherapy | Good Practice: Employment Contracts | Member Spotlight: 50 Years as a Teacher, Academic and Clinician | Research in Focus: Transcranial Direct current Stimulation in Pediatric Motor Disorders | Leadership Message: May 2019 | Volunteer Opportunities: Various Committees | Nominate a Colleague or Student for a 2019 Physiotherapy Alberta Award | Spotting Fake Health News and Misinformation

PT Alberta April 2019

2019 Council Election: Voting now Open | Introducing the New Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Standard of Practice: Who is a Patient? | 2019 College-Selected Activity | DO. LEARN. GROW.: What Does “Deep, Significant, Meaningful, Learning” Mean? | Myths and Facts Quiz | Good Practice: Protecting Personal Information | Research in Focus: Pneumonia and Early Mobility | Mentorship Guidebook: Relationship Agreement and Action Plan | Hearing Publication | Council News: March 2019 | Volunteer Opportunities: Various Committees | Mandatory Reporting for Employers and Physiotherapists | Golf: A Great Way to Get Active

PT Alberta March 2019

Meet the 2019 Council Nominees | DO. LEARN. GROW. What Counts as a Self-Selected Activity? | Survey: Imput on DO. LEARN. GROW. Requested | Good Practice: Starting or Managing your Own Practice | Now Accepting Abstract Submissions for Connect + Learn 2019 | Research in Focus: Do Patients with Migraine Experience an Increased Prevalence of Falls and Fear of Falling? | Check out the Online Store | Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2019 | 2019 Funding Opportunities for Members | Senior's Health: Can Exercise Improve Memory?

PT Alberta February 2019

Good Practice: Interprofessional Collaboration – Is It Worth the Effort? | DO. LEARN. GROW: Member Questions | Research In Focus: Screening for Risk Factors of Delayed Recovery in Outpatients with Low Back Pain | Mentorship Guidebook: Planning for Success | 2019 Funding Opportunities for Members | Announcing new Physiotherapy Works Documents | Cancer: Survive and Thrive

PT Alberta January 2019

Council Nominations Open | Good Practice: Why is Charting Such a Big Deal? | Research in Focus: Clinical Screening Tool to Predict Fall Risk in Older Adults | Member Spotlight: Thinking Out of The Box | Continuing Competence: New Program Takes Off | Physiotherapy Alberta is on the Move| Falls Are Not a Normal Part of Aging

PT Alberta December 2018

2019 Council Election: Nominations Now Open! | New Law Passes to Protect Patients from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct | Good Practice: When is it OK to Accept Gifts from Patients? | Research in Focus: Cannabis and Cannabinoids for Chronic Noncancer Pain Conditions | Launch of NEW Continuing Competence Program | Discontinuation of Reflective Practice Review: What it means for you | Cancelled Registrations 2018 | Holiday Hours | Council News: November 2018

PT Alberta: November 2018

Good Practice: Consent in Practice | Research in Focus: Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Urinary Incontinence in Men Following Prostatectomy | Introducing the Mentorship Guidebook | 6 COPD Myths: BUSTED

PT Alberta: October 2018

Good Practice: Physiotherapist’s Role in Promoting Healthy Aging | Research in Focus: Physiotherapist use of Publicly Funded Diagnostic Imaging Modalities | Council News: September 2018 | Ski Season is Coming: Will you be Ready?

PT Alberta: September 2018

Good Practice: Physiotherapists Delisted by Insurers | Research in Focus: Accuracy of Activity Trackers in Parkinson Disease: Should We Prescribe Them? | Technology in Practice: In Summary | Member Spotlight: 48 Years as a Physiotherapist | Online Renewal is Now Open | 2018 Financial Assistance Recipients | Cerebral Palsy: Transitioning from Teenager to Adult

PT Alberta: August 2018

Good Practice: Choosing Continuing Education Courses | Research in Focus: Effects of Mirror Therapy on Walking Ability, Balance and Lower Limb Motor Recovery After Stroke | Technology in Practice: EMR First Steps | Quick Survey: Why did you/did you not attend Physiotherapy Alberta's conference? | Renew Your Practice Permit | Is Your Profile Up-to-Date? | When will the New Continuing Competence Program be launched? | Program Rules: Member Consultation

PT Alberta: July 2018

Good Practice: New in Legislation | Research in Focus: Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis | Technology in Practice: Phishing and Ransomware - Why You Should Care | Member Spotlight: Journey to the Olympics | Nominate a colleague or student for a 2018 Physiotherapy Alberta Award! | Council News: June 2018 | 2018 Continuing Competence Requirements

PT Alberta: June 2018

Good Practice: Legalization of Cannabis | Research in Focus: Effectiveness of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for Treating Low Back Pain | Technology in Practice: Common Technical Controls and Why They Matter | Nominate a colleague or student for a 2018 Physiotherapy Alberta Award! | Annual Report Now Available | Deputy Registrar Receives CAPR Award

PT Alberta: May 2018

2018 Council Election Results | May is National Physiotherapy Month | Good Practice: Effective Communication To Avoid Complaints | Research in Focus: An Analysis of Adverse Events in the Rehabilitation Department | Technology in Practice: Telerehabilitation | Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2018 | Nominate a colleague or student for a 2018 Physiotherapy Alberta Award! | Continuing Competence Program: Call For Pilot Testers | 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Physiotherapy

PT Alberta: April 2018

2018 Council Election: Voting Open | Good Practice: Supervising Physiotherapy Students - What’s in it for You? | Member Spotlight: Clinical Research | Research in Focus: Is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Effective in the Treatment of Acute Muscle Injuries? | Technology in Practice: Understanding Administrative Controls | Check out the Online Store! Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2018

PT Alberta: March 2018

Meet the 2018 Council Nominees | Good Practice: Supervising Friends and Family | Research in Focus: A New Take on Balance Assessment Following a Sport-related Concussion | Technology in Practice: Electronic Medical Record System Adoption | Funding Available for Members | Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2018 | Check out the Online Store! | Council News: March 2018 | 2018 Continuing Competence Requirements

PT Alberta: February 2018

Good Practice: The Most Responsible Physiotherapist | Research in Focus: Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy | Technology in Practice: Emailing or Texting Patients | 2018 Funding Opportunities for Members | Contract Opportunity: Investigator | Why Your Information Needs to be Kept Up-To-Date | 2018 Continuing Competence Requirements | New Physiotherapy Works Document Available | Updated Competency Profile | How a Physiotherapist can Help with Pneumonia

PT Alberta: January 2018

Council Election 2018: Nominations Open | Good Practice: Formalizing What Has Always Been True | Research in Focus: Shock Wave Therapy in Managing Patients with Chronic Plantar Fasciitis | Technology in Practice: What are eHealth Competencies and Why Should I Care? | Member Spotlight: The Big Red Bike | Leadership Report: January | How Can a Physiotherapist Help with Chronic Pain

PT Alberta: December 2017

2018 Council Election: Nominations Now Open | Good Practice: Whose Job is it to Keep the Practice Area Clean? | Competence: Understanding the Member-Led Activity List | Research in Focus: Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of Tibialis Anterior | Technology in Practice | Leadership Report: December | Council News: November 2017 | Born to Move Advertisements | Introducing the Infection Prevention and Control Resource Guide | Cancelled Registrations 2017 | Holiday Hours

PT Alberta: November 2017

Kurt Browning's Complete Skate | Good Practice: Maintaining a Professional Internet and Social Media Presence | Continuing Competence: Deadline for feedback on Practice Monitoring + Development November 6 | Welcome Jody Prohar, Physiotherapy Alberta's New Executive Director/Registrar | Your Career Compass: Mentorship | Research in Focus: Physical Performance Predicts Onset of Depression in Elderly | 2017 Award Winners

PT Alberta: October 2017

Good Practice: Education is the Foundation to Managing Chronic Pain | Competence: What is Healthy Physiotherapy Practice? | Seeking Member Feedback on Continuing Competence Program Re-Design | Research in Focus: Pelvic Health Physiotherapy | Member Spotlight: Technology and Chronic Pain | Check out Chronic Pain Management: A Toolkit for Physiotherapists!