PT Alberta: October 2021

Good Practice: Consent Refresher | Council News: September 2021 | PCE Update: September 29 | EBP #1: What Every Physiotherapist Should Know About the Current State of Evidence-Informed Practice | College Conversation Podcast: Episode 28 | Resource Corner: Consent | Why Can't We Be Friends? Social Media and Physiotherapy Practice |

PT Alberta: September 2021

Update: September 1, 2021 | Good Practice: Patient Safety Incidents | Time to Renew | Self-Selected Activity: Just Do It | Conduct Matters: Practicing Without a Valid Practice Permit | College Separation: Ask Your Questions | Job Opportunity: Practice Advisor

PT Alberta: August 2021

Update: July 29, 2021 | Good Practice: What to Know About Changing Practice Settings | Time to Renew | Continuing Competence: Completing the SSA | Leadership Message: August 2021 | Restricted Activity Standard of Practice | 2021 Funding Opportunities for Members | Awards Nominations 2021 | 2020 Annual Report Available | What to Know When Getting Treated by a Physiotherapist Intern

PT Alberta: July 2021

Good Practice: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Standard, 2 Years Later | Self-Selected Activity: Wrapping Up | Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: An Overview of the Basics | Payment for uninsured Diagnostic Imaging Referred by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Audiologists | Awards Nominations 2021 | Council News: June 2021

PT Alberta: June 2021

Conduct Matters: Getting Behind on Charting, Case Study | Good Practice: Is There a Supervision Relationship? | 2021 College-Selected Activity - Discrimination, Oppression, and Inequity | Advisory Committee on Discrimination, Oppression, and Inequity | Physiotherapy Fees: What Should you Expect?

PT Alberta: May 2021

COVID-19 Update May 5, 2021 | Leadership Message: May 2021 | 2021 Council Election Results | PCE Update May 5 | Good Practice: Documentation and Record Keeping | Advisory Committee on Discrimination, Oppression, and Inequity | Seeking Association Steering Committee Members | 2021 College-Selected Activity: Coming Soon | 2021 Continuing Competence Document Review Results |

PT Alberta: April 2021

Update April 7, 2021 | 2021 Council Election | Council News: March 2021 | Seeking Individuals for an Advisory Committee | Good Practice: What is The Role of The College? | Research in Focus: Using the Keele StarTBack Tool in Physiotherapy Practice | Continuing Competence Theory: Factors influencing Responsiveness to Feedback | PCE Cancellation: Update March 31 | Low-Intensity Exercise: Is it Beneficial?

PT Alberta: March 2021

Update: March 3, 2021 | 2021 Council Election | Good Practice: Transparency of Fee Schedules | Research in Focus: Does Strength Training for Chronic Ankle Instability Improve Balance and Patient-Reported Outcomes? | Member Spotlight: Pinnacle Award of Distinction Recipient | Continuing Competence Theory: Effectiveness of Peer Assessment for Implementing a Low Back Pain Guideline | COVID-19 Safety Measures in Physiotherapy Clinics

PT Alberta: February 2021

COVID-19 Update: January 25, 2021 | Physiotherapy Alberta Vaccine Statement | We Need Your Input | Good Practice: Pelvic Health Update | Research in Focus: High Genetic Contribution to Anterior Cruciate Ligatment Rupture | Member Spotlight: Award for Excellence in Innovation | Continuing Competence Theory: Impact of Self Peer Assessment on Communication and Clinical Record Keeping | Volunteer Opportunity | Maintain Your Information | Hands Tingling at Night? Physiotherapy Can Help

PT Alberta: January 2021

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Council Election! | Good Practice: Conflict of Interest and Incentive Contracts | Research in Focus: Effect of Lung Volume Recruitment on Pulmonary Function in Progressive Childhood-Onset Neuromuscular Disease | Self-Selected Activity: There's No Time Like the Present | Competence Theory: Case Study of Self/Peer Assessment and Clinical Audit to Improve Quality | Survey: Provide Feedback on the Newsletter | Working From Home: How to Design a Healthy Workspace

PT Alberta: December 2020

 Nominations are now open for the 2021 Council Election! | Good Practice: Updates to Auto Insurance in Alberta | Research in Focus: Should Low-Quality Evidence Dominate High-Level Evidence? | Self-Selected Activity: There's No Time Like the Present | Competence Theory: Dimensions of Informed Self-Assessment | Cancelled Registrations 2020 | Leadership Message: December 2020 | Council News: November 2020 | Survey: Provide Feedback on the Newsletter | Exercise Can Help Combat Those Winter Blues

PT Alberta: November 2020

Good Practice: How to Practice Safely When Working Alone | Research in Focus: Ankle-foot Orthoses and Continuous Functional Electrical Stimulation Improve Walking Speed After Stroke | Member Spotlight: Providing Community Pediatric Services | Self-Selected Activity: Tools to Support Learning and Education | Episode 17: Provision of Services | Physiotherapy Assessment of Post-mastectomy Pain Syndrome | Strength Training After 60? Absolutely!

PT Alberta: October 2020

COVID Update: October 2020 | Good Practice: Professional vs Personal Scope of Practice | Research in Focus: Changing Physical Activity in People with Multiple Sclerosis | Update Regarding Pelvic HEalth (Internal Examinations) | Self-Selected Activity: 5 Frequently Asked Questions | Don't Shelve the College-Selected Activity Yet | Council News | Staying Active with Multiple Sclerosis

PT Alberta: September 2020

Good Practice: Continuing Education in the Time of COVID | Research in Focus: Early Exercise Postpartum Pelvic Floor Muscle Function and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction | Self-Selected Activity: Are you Ready to Tell your Practice Improvement Story | College-Selected Activity: IPC Practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic | Volunteer Opportunity | Time to Renew | Arthritis: Not Just an Old Person's Disease

PT Alberta: August 2020

IPC Visual Guide and Checklists | Good Practice: Medication Management | Research in Focus: Efficacy of Kinseio Taping in Treatment of Shoulder Pain and Disability | Member Spotlight: Team Players in the ICU | Self-Selected Activity: Wrapping Up | 2020 College-Selected Activity: IPC Practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic | Get Back Up Marketing Campaign | Discipline Decision on Sanctions | Public Member Representation | 2019 Annual Report | Time to Renew | College Conversation Podcast: Episode 14 | Sport Specialization: Should My Child Focus on a Single Sport?

PT Alberta July 2020

What does Stage 2 of Alberta's reopening mean for physiotherapists? | Occupational Health and Safety Inspections | Good Practice: Multiple Roles in the Health-care System | Research in Focus: Early Rehabilitation Reduces the Likelihood of Developing Intensive Care Unit-Acquired Weakness | Self-Selected Activity: Observations about the Practice Improvement Record Review | 2020 College-Selected Activity: Infection Prevention and Control in the Context of COVID-19 | Awards | Council News: June 2020 | June 2020 Leadership Message | College Conversations Podcast | Staying Active with Parkinson's Disease

PT Alberta June 2020

Guidance for Resuming Physiotherapy Practice During a Pandemic | FAQ: Masks and Physiotherapy | Access to Provincial Repository | My Physiotherapy Clinic is Reopening: Is it Safe to Go? | Research in Focus: Telerehabilitation is Non-inferior to Usual Care Following Total Hip Replacement | Continuing Competence: Managing the Self-Selected Activity During COVID-19 | Member Spotlight: Serving with the Canadian Armed Forces | NEW: Introducing the Medications Guide for Alberta Physiotherapists | 2020 Awards |

PT Alberta May 2020

May Leadership Message from Council President Karin Eldred | Guidance for Physiotherapists: Discontinuation of Community-Level Pandemic Response Measures | Update as Physiotherapy Businesses Re-open | Research in Focus: Burnout Among Alberta Physiotherapists | Telerehabilitation: What Patients Should Know | College Conversations Podcast: COVID-19 | Personal Protective Equipment | 2020 Council Election: Results | Nominate a colleague or student for a 2020 Physiotherapy Alberta Award! | Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2020 | National Physiotherapy Month | Improving the Identification of ACL Tears in Primary Care

PT Alberta April 2020

Leadership Message | Adhere to Public Health Orders | Direction for Physiotherapists Working in Long-Term and Continuing Care | Find a Physiotherpist Changes for COVID-19 | AHS/Covenent Health Recruitment | Nasopharyngeal Swabbing | Urgent Care and Telerehabilitation: Information for Patients | 2020 Council Election: Don't Forget to Vote! | Diagnostic Imaging Changes

PT Alberta: March 2020

2020 Council Election: Voting Starts This Month | Infection Prevention and Control COVID-19 | Research in Focus: Effectiveness of ESWT for treating Chronic Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy | Good Practice: Blood and Body Fluid Exposures | Continuing Competence: Adaptive or Routine Expertise | 2020 Funding Opportunities for Members | Job Opportunity: Conduct Coordinator | Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2020 | Check out the Online Store! | 4 Common Conditions That are Highly Treatable with Physiotherapy

PT Alberta February 2020

2020 Council Election: Meet the Nominees | Research in Focus: Pain Catastrophizing Moderates the Daily Relationships Between Parent and Child with Chronic Pain | Good Practice: Reviewing The Standards of Practice | Continuing Competence: "Unskilled and Unaware of it" | Maintain Your Information | 2020 Funding Opportunities for Members | Pelvic Health Survey | Diagnostic Imaging | What is Passive Physiotherapy Treatment and Does it Work?

PT Alberta: January 2020

2020 Council Election: Nominations Now Open! | Research in Focus: Tai Chi vs Health Education in Subsidized Housing | Good Practice: Starting a Mobil Practice | Member Spotlight: A Passion for Patient Safety | Self-Selected Activity: How Burnout and Engagement Affect Competence | Leadership Message: January 2020 | 6 Tips for Starting and Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

PT Alberta: December 2019

Good Practice: The 411 on Member Registration Information | Research in Focus: What is the Effect of Health Coaching Delivered by Physical Therapists | Nominations are now open for the 2020 Council election! | Continuing Competence: The Evolution of Competence | Council News November 2019 | Cancelled Registrations 2019 | Injured in a Collision? How Physiotherapy Can Help

PT Alberta: November 2019

Good Practice: Leaving a Practice | Research in Focus: Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour 6 Months After MSK Trauma | 2020 Self-Selected Activity: Complete Your PIR on Your Mobile Device | Awards! | 7 Signs It's Time to See Your Physiotherapist