PT Alberta: March 2017

Introducing Born to Move 2017 | Council Election 2017 | Good Practice: Responding to Blood and Body Exposures | Competence Similarities Between the new Standards of Practice and the Reflective Practice Review | Research in Focus: Suctioning | Clinical Research Innovation Grant Fund Available | You Movement Blog: Treating Urinary Incontinence

PT Alberta: February 2017

Good Practice: Preparing for the Difficult Patient | Competence: Changes and Updates to the Reflective Practice Review | Introducing: Your Career Compass | Funding Opportunities for Members | Why Your Information Needs to be Kept Up-to-Date

PT Alberta: January 2017

Good Practice: Standards of Practice | Member Spotlight: Turning a Passion into a Career | Competence: Mining Your RPR Documents for Hidden Gems | Council Election 2017 | Call for Abstracts | Draft Code of Ethical Conduct

PT Alberta: December 2016

Council Elections | Competence: Online Tools To Support Learning | Good Practice: Power and the Therapeutic Relationship | Research in Focus: Clinical Skills Development - Are We Barking Up the Right Trees? | Abstract Submissions for 2017 Conference | Concussion Management: A Toolkit for Physiotherapists | Advice to Profession Regarding Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes | Cancelled Registrations

PT Alberta November 2016

Good Practice: Academic Inflation | Competence: How The Reflective Practice Review Online Platform Can Support Your Learning | Outcome Measurement Reminders

PT Alberta October 2016

Introducing the Born to Move Hub | Good Practice: Duty to Accomodate | Competence: 2016 Reflective Practice Review Member Feedback | Member Spotlight: Global Health | 2016 Award Winners | Council News September 2016

PT Alberta September 2016

Envisioning the Future Role of Physiotherapists in Primary Care | Good Practice: Challenging Situations | Competence: Burning Questions from the Reflective Practice Review Webinar Answered | Research in Focus: The Role of Strength Training in Older Adults | Seven Tips to Make Renewal Quick and Easy | SafetyNET Studiees Spinal Manipulation and Adverse Events

PT Alberta August 2016

Longevity + Living Well | Standards of Practice Consultation | Good Practice: Transparency | Competence: Old Revolutions and New Evolutions of the Reflective Practice Review | Patient Reported Outcome Measures | Reflective Practice Review: Goodbye Forms, Hello Online Platform | Seeking Feedback on new Reflective Practice Review Form

PT Alberta July 2016

Longevity + Living Well | Born to Move Physiotherapy Stories, Sam | Good Practice: Non-Traditional Practice | Competence: 2016 Reflective Practice Review Audit Results | Member Spotlight: Working with Indigenous Populations | Council News | Understanding the Liability Insurance Requirement

PT Alberta June 2016

Born to Move: Physiotherapy Stories, Danny and Marilyn | Good Practice: Get to Know the Standards of Practice | Competence: Using Physiotherapy Alberta Resources for Reflective Practice Review | Research in Focus: a Clinic to Community-Based Cancer and Exercise Model of Care | Changes to the Health Professions Act

PT Alberta May 2016

National Physiotherapy Month contest | 2016 Council Election Results | Longevity + Living Well conference | Born to Move: Laurie's Story | Good Practice: Leaving a Practice | Measuring Outcomes: Why Bother?

PT Alberta April 2016

Good Practice: When a Patient Expresses Suicidal Ideation | Awards Nominations Open | Member Spotlight: A Legacy in Archery | 2016 Council Election Voting Now Open | What Members Should Know About the Reflective Practice Document Audit | Seeking Competence Committee Member

PT Alberta March 2016

Meet the 2016 Council Nominees | Good Practice: Conflict of Interest | Research in Focus: Neuroplastic Model of Treatment for Persistent Pain | Funding Opportunities for Members

PT Alberta February 2016

Good Practice: Psychological Hazards in the Workplace | Funding Opportunities for Members | Accountability and the Reflective Practice Review Records Audit | Evidence-Based Practice: Putting the Pieces Together

PT Alberta January 2016

Council nominations open | Good Practice: Restriced Activities | "Born to Move" song available for purchase | Member Spotlight: The Value of Preceptorship | 2016 CRIF

PT Alberta December 2015

Born to Move Marketing Campain | Born to Move Video Available for Purchase | Good Practice: Good Business | The XChange is here! | Research in Focus: The Future - What Electronic Shared Care Plans Will Mean for Physiotherapists | 2016 Council Nominatons now open | Reflective Practice Program Improvements | Canelled Registrations

PT Alberta November 2015

Occupational Health and Safety Responsibilities | The Value of Assessment Tools for your Practice | Using Meta-analyses to Inform Practice | 2015 Award Recipients | Core Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

PT Alberta October 2015

Born to Move | Patient consent best practices | Interesting facts from the Learning Planner + Tracker audit | Member spotlight - applying sport to practice | Stay engaged to combat competency drift | Council news | Supervision responsibilities | On the shoulders of giants

PT Alberta September 2015

Working responsibly with support workers | Exercise and behaviour change | Reflective practice review wrap-up | Consent 

PT Alberta August 2015

Ethical advertising | How to make reflective practice review social | Systematic reviews | What happens when I don't achieve my reflective practice review learning goal? | Annual report | Red flags in spinal manipulation | Update on Physiotherapy Alberta activities and events

PT Alberta July 2015

Protecting client records and protecting you | Member spotlight RIDE2REBUILD | Become a Learning Worker | Council news | Resources to manage dry needling adverse events | Planning for adverse events | WCPT's Futures Forum

PT Alberta June 2015

Outcome measurement | Outcomes related to post-traumatic osteoarthritis | Following youth sport knee injury | Completing the patient care reflection tool | Quality video series | Clinical Reseach Innovation Fund recipients | Early warning signs of metastatic spinal cord compression | Member engagement

PT Alberta May 2015

Are you selling snake oil | 7 myths of qualitative research busted | Completing the essential competency self-assessment | Reflective practice review audit results | Responsibilities to staff when driving for mobile business

PT Alberta April 2015

Adverse events | Patient safety video | Member spotlight - when marketing and physiotherapy intersect | Reviewing your Learning Planner + Tracker | Why can't I wear flip-flops to work | Physiotherapy Alberta's role

PT Alberta March 2015

Know your responsibilities to the profession | Promote the use of patient reported outcomes | How to dispose of expired but unused acupuncture needles

PT Alberta February 2015

Active vs passive treatment | Why your inforamtion needs to be kept up to date | Searching for evdence | Funding opportunities | Social media | Long term disability | Awards program

PT Alberta January 2015

When it comes to scope of practice, do you know your limits? | Member spotlight - 54 years of physiotherapy practice | Reflective practice review audit | Sterilize, disinfect or clean? | 2015 opportunities