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The physiotherapist practices in compliance with all the legislative and regulatory requirements of their jurisdiction.

Expected outcome

Clients can expect that the services they receive are delivered by a registered physiotherapist who is in compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements applicable to her/his practice.

Performance expectations

The physiotherapist:

  • Maintains current registration with Physiotherapy Alberta – College + Association.
  • Is knowledgeable of and complies with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements in Alberta (e.g., privacy legislation, Workers’ Compensation Act, Radiation Protection Regulation) applicable to her/his practice.
  • Practices in accordance with physiotherapy regulatory requirements (e.g., scope of practice, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, continuing competence, mandatory reporting, use of title).
  • Takes responsibility and is accountable for her/his actions.
  • Conducts her/himself in a manner that promotes respect for the profession.

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