Where to look for information and who to contact.

I am an applicant.

How do I register to work in Alberta as a physiotherapist?

Check out: Register to practice physiotherapy in Alberta | 
Contact Lori at 780.702.5350 | registration@physiotherapyalberta.ca

I am a patient.

I have a question about acceptable physiotherapy practice.

Contact Nancy at 780.702.5390 | nlittke@physiotherapyalberta.ca

I want to report a complaint about a physiotherapist.

Check out: Do you have a complaint to report?
Contact Cheryl at (780) 702-5357 | complaints@physiotherapyalberta.ca

I am a physiotherapist.

I just completed a needling program and want to use needles in practice independently.

Check out: Restricted activities
Contact Lori at 780.702.5350 | registration@physiotherapyalberta.ca

I don't understand the continuing competence program.

Check out: Continuing Competence Program
Contact Audrey at 780.702.5349 | competence@physiotherapyalberta.ca

I need advice about a situation in my practice.

Check out: Standards of Practice
Contact Nancy at 780.702.5390 | professionalpractice@physiotherapyalberta.ca

I can't access my member online account.

Contact Haylee at 780.438.0338 | info@physiotherapyalberta.ca

I need my practice permit.

Available from your Member Portal.
Contact Lori at 780.702.5350 | registration@physiotherapyalberta.ca

None of the above.

780.438.0338 | Toll free in North America 1.800.291.2782 | info@physiotherapyalberta.ca