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How a Physiotherapist can Help with Pneumonia

  •  February 6, 2018
  •  Nancy Littke, PT, Practice Advisor

To help combat the risks of pneumonia and ensure a faster, more complete recovery, you may have a physiotherapist come to see you while you are in hospital.

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How Can a Physiotherapist Help With Chronic Pain?

  •  January 4, 2018

One in five Canadians report experiencing chronic pain– that’s equal to over 7 million people from all ages. Three quarters of these people say their pain interferes with their work life. This may include you, your family members, friends, or co-workers.

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68 Reasons to Exercise

  •  December 1, 2017

Maybe your motivation is lacking at the moment, or maybe you just need one more reason to get out and be active. Either way, we’ve spent the past year looking at research publications and popular blogs to offer you this list of reasons to get moving!

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Frequently Asked Whiplash Questions - Answered

  •  November 2, 2017
  •  Nancy Littke, PT

Whiplash injuries occur when the head is rapidly moved forward and then backward. Most often we relate whiplash to a car crash, but it can occur from falls, sports, or fun activities such as roller coaster rides.

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The Basics of Stroke Rehabilitation

  •  October 5, 2017
  •  Leanne Loranger, PT, Manager Policy and Practice

“A stroke happens when blood stops flowing to any part of your brain, damaging brain cells. The effects of a stroke depend on the part of the brain that was damaged and the amount of damage done.” There are over 50,000 new strokes every year in Canada.

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