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Physiotherapy Fees: What Should you Expect?

  •  June 7, 2021

Have you ever wondered how much a physiotherapy appointment should cost, or why costs seem to be different at different clinics or for specific treatments? What are the factors that must be considered by clinic owners when they set fees for physiotherapy services and what can patients expect?

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Low-Intensity Exercise: Is It Beneficial?

  •  April 9, 2021
  •  Nancy Littke, PT

Whether you are new to exercise, trying to increase your activity level in general, or simply looking for ways to change-up your current routine, you may be wondering what qualifies as low-, moderate- or high- intensity exercise, and whether there’s any point in participating in a low-intensity exercise program. While low-intensity exercise is sometimes dismissed as being “too easy,” there are some reasons to consider this type of activity.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures in Physiotherapy Clinics

  •  March 5, 2021
  •  Leanne Loranger, PT

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic a year ago, daily life has changed in immeasurable ways. In response, Albertans have adopted public health measures to slow the spread of the virus, as shown by the recent decreases in active cases and hospitalizations.

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Hands Tingling at Night? Physiotherapy Can Help

  •  February 5, 2021

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with pins and needles or pain in one or both of your hands? This is a common experience for many. Physiotherapists can assist you getting the restful, pain free sleep you desire.

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Working from Home: How to Design a Healthy Workspace

  •  January 7, 2021
  •  Nancy Littke, PT

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting government mandates to work from home to stop the spread of the disease have resulted in many Canadians working from home. By the last week of March 2020, the Statistics Canada Perspectives Survey Series reported that 39.1% of Canadian workers were working from home in response to the pandemic.

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