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Recorded Webinar

Date: April 14, 2020


This 75-minute session will provide an overview of the physiotherapy management of patients diagnosed with COVID-19, across the continuum of care.

The clinical features of COVID-19 are currently understood to parallel those of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). The speakers will extrapolate from what is known about the management of ARDS to discuss the physiotherapist’s role in acute and critical care, post-ICU recovery and long-term management of COVID-19.


Mark Hall, PT, PhD; University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy

Mel Major, PT, PhD Candidate; Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / Amsterdam University Medical Centers Senior lecturer European School of Physiotherapy, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Scotty Butcher, PT, PhD; University of Saskatchewan, School of Rehabilitation Science

Simone Hunter, PT; Breathe Well Physio, AHS-Foothills Medical Centre

Jessica DeMars, PT; Breathe Well Physio

Alya Bartlett, PT, MScPT, AHS-Foothills Medical Centre

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