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Diabetes Educator Certificate Program

Diabetes education is a subspecialty for many health professionals, and this online certificate program will provide you with the tools you need to educate your patients.

  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • When: (February 15, 2018 - May 24, 2018)

UBC Gunn IMS Review Course

This two day course will update certified Gunn IMS practitioners on theory, safety and practice related to Gunn IMS treatment.

  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • When: (Today - Tomorrow)

Lumbo-Pelvic Translation Control: Neuromuscular Retraining of the Lumbo-Pelvic Core Cylinder for Lumbar Articular control & SIJ Load Transfer Efficiency

The facet joint, disc and SIJ are sources of articular related LBP. Not all physical tests are useful.

  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • When: (Today - March 25, 2018)

Oxygen Titration and Administration for Physical Therapists and Regulated Health Professionals

Oxygen administration and titration, a controlled act with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, requires a thorough understanding of pathophysiological components of the cardiorespiratory system and mechanisms of hypoxemia.

  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • When: (April 2, 2018 - April 15, 2018)

LearnIMS - Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation - Dry Needling Treatment of Neuropathic-Myofascial Pain Syndromes

• Combination of instructional lectures w/slides and workshops • All of the most commonly treated anatomical regions of the body taught: cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, hip, knee/leg, shoulder, arm, masseter • Safety emphasized with instruction in surface anatomy to avoid structures at risk • Students provided with necessary resources to immediately begin using IMS after course • Longterm followup clinical support directly from S. Goodman, M.D.

  • Location: Spokane, WA
  • When: (April 6, 2018 - April 8, 2018)