This two-part course is designed for novice physiotherapists who are interested in learning spinal manipulations.  This course will review safety, theoretical knowledge, and clinical reasoning required for novice practitioner to safely and effectively practice manual therapy and manipulations of the cervical and thoracic spine.  This course involves a 4- week on-line distance-learning program followed by a practical, in-person course.  Participants will be required to complete quizzes throughout the online course and must achieve a passing grade of 80 percent higher on all quizzes in order to attend the in-class component. The in-class component will focus on the clinical reasoning and motor learning required to effectively integrate manual physical therapy examination and intervention techniques into the clinical management of these individuals. Specifically, participants will have a chance to see, be instructed in, and be examined on each manipulation taught. 



  • Describe the safety considerations for cervical and thoracic manipulation
  • Identify the indications for manipulation of the cervical and thoracic spine
  • Demonstrate the motor skills to effectively perform cervical and thoracic manipulation


COST: $700.00 plus tax



Title Cervical Thoracic Manipulations
When September 30, 2021 - October 24, 2021
Location Online/ In person