This 1.5 hour webinar provides a guiding path for clinicians to enhance compassion to improve the quality of pain care, outcomes and overall health and wellbeing of both the clinician and person in pain.
This webinar summarizes the science surrounding compassion and benefits of compassion in healthcare, the barriers to providing compassionate pain care, the integration of yoga into physiotherapy to improve compassion towards people in pain and promote self-compassion within the clinician and patient. 
Without compassion for patients, we cannot form an effective therapeutic relationship. Without practising self-compassion, it is difficult to continue helping people with this complex phenomenon of pain. Research shows the capacity for providing and receiving compassion can vary and depend on many factors. Fortunately, research also suggests compassion is trainable and can improve pain care and protect against practitioner burnout and empathic distress. This webinar is part lecture, interactive and experiential and is recorded with lifetime access.



  • Describe components of compassion and self-compassion and their value in pain care for both the person in pain and the healthcare professional.
  • Outline challenges and barriers we face that influence or inhibit our ability to offer and receive compassion.
  • Learn practical tips and experience practices that prime for compassion and cultivate self-compassion that can be shared with patients and also immediately be integrated into your own daily home and workplace routine.


COST: $39.99


Title Compassion in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain
When October 13, 2021 - October 13, 2021
Location Online