GLA:D® BACK is a treatment option for patients with persistent or recurrent low back pain that affects everyday life. The program was developed by researchers and clinicians at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

The program follows clinical guideline recommendations for the treatment of patients with back pain and is based on principles of self-management similar to GLA:D® for patients with knee and hip pain.

GLA:D® BACK consists of:

EDUCATION of chiropractors and physiotherapists in running GLA:D® BACK courses for patients.
TREATMENT PROGRAM consisting of education and a structured exercise program
REGISTRATION of patient data in the GLA:D® registry

The purpose of GLA:D® BACK is to help patients manage their back pain better themselves through a well-described and structured course of treatment. In Alberta, the program is available to physiotherapists, chiropractors and Kinesiologists* to offer patient education and exercise based on the best evidence. Data from the program is entered in a secure clinical registry so that together, we create new knowledge about back pain and that GLA:D® BACK can be continuously improved.

Patient education and supervised exercise for patients with persistent or recurrent back pain are recommended as first-line interventions in several international guidelines based on expert reviews of hundreds of randomized controlled trials. Patient education and exercise have positive effects on back problems and little risk of harms. At the same time, education and exercise have been shown to prevent new episodes of back pain. Evidence and theories behind GLA:D® BACK have been published in several academic journals.

GLAD BACK Development, Theories and Scientific Evidence

The program is designed for patients with persistent and/or recurrent back pain that negatively affects their everyday life and function. The patient and the therapist jointly decide whether GLA:D® BACK is relevant. As with any other treatment, the decision about patient participation in a GLA:D® BACK course is based on a clinical assessment and patient preference.



  • ​You will understand the most current knowledge about back problems
  • You will understand the content of GLA:D® Back  
  • You will be able to enter patient information in the GLA:D® Back registry  ● You will be able to complete the initial GLA:D® Back evaluation, patient training and the guided  exercise course
  • You will be shown how GLA:D® Back can be implemented in your own clinic  


COST: $520.00


Title GLA:D Back Clinician Training
When October 2, 2021 - October 3, 2021
Location TBA