This course is designed for physiotherapists that already have taken an in-person certification course for dry needling and are authorized to use needles in practice, but would like to improve their confidence, technique and critical thinking skills while integrating dry needling into their practice.

It includes videos of assessment, client education, palpation and handling techniques for every part of the body.  The course is broken down into seven body part sections and has a techniques library specific to each muscle group that is commonly treated.



  • Learn how and what muscle groups to treat/needle together to most effectively improve the function and mobility of a joint or body part.
  • Learn how to empathetically explain to clients what you are looking for and what your plan is with dry needling to help make them comfortable and confident in the process.
  • Improve your handling, techniques and safety while needling with close up videos of how to needle all the common muscle groups.


COST: $199


Title IMS Dry Needling Online Mentorship- Why Things Hurt
When September 1, 2021 - December 1, 2021
Location Online