Making evidence-informed clinical decisions involves:

  • Asking relevant, focused, clinically important questions that are answerable.
  • Selecting most likely resources to search.
  • Searching and appraising evidence found.
  • Assessing evidence's clinical importance.
  • Assessing evidence's clinical applicability.
  • Appropriately applying evidence into clinical decision making.

 The following sites provide information, tools and resources.

Knowledge Translation Program, Evidence-Based Medicine Toolbox

Tools and worksheets to identify and assess relevant evidence for better health care decision-making.

University of Alberta, CATWalk

Guided tour on how to critically appraise literature on a topic.

University of Toronto, Centre of Evidence Based Medicine

Tools and resources to help health professionals practice evidence-informed medicine.

University of Alberta Libraries, Physical Therapy Resource Page

Tools and resources to help physiotherapists find evidence-based information.

The following search engines and databases provide access to primary research, evidence synopsis, systematic reviews, and practice guidelines.  Searching is often fast, requires no special knowledge of search terms making it easier than ever to find evidence-based information.


A free search engine to find primary research articles.  Provides almost equivalent search capabilities to many paid databases (e.g., Medline, CINAHL).  User friendly and provides some access to full text articles. PubMed tutorial and how to find full text articles video.

TRIP database

A free search engine that pulls search results from 26 separate databases. Provides access to evidence synopsis, systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines, e-textbooks, and patient information. Provides access to some full text articles. Video of TRIP overview and tutorial.

PEDro database

A free database that critically appraises randomized control trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines specific to physiotherapy interventions. Presently has over 21,000 reviews.


Think Wikipedia only for physiotherapists. Physiopedia is a collection of web pages to share evidence-based knowledge about physiotherapy interventions.